rfulton: Some old family pictures
rfulton: Happy Veterans Day
rfulton: Happy Veterans Day
SandraNestle: Orange Outfit 1920s Watercolor Drawing
mikeyashworth: Birmingham Co-operative Society "The Grand Louvre" advert, c1930
hbk1955: My father in the late 50s
Shalva1948: Great Petriotic War Museum in Gori
Shalva1948: Me with to my coopworkers
quietpurplehaze07: May (1920 to 1986)
chairider: Donald Shaw. My dad in 1971. He passed in 1973.
mugicalin: Postcard Gentilly (94 Val de Marne) La Poste 1974
Trams aux fils (Alain GAVILLET): Trains Montreux Glion Naye (Suisse)
k3s ( Kris ): Egypt - Alexandria (Kaed Ibrahim Mosque)
k3s ( Kris ): China - Dragon Dance
k3s ( Kris ): India - Kathakali Dance
k3s ( Kris ): UK - Robin Hood Country
k3s ( Kris ): Ireland - Donegal
Rick Tulka: Things I see while riding my bike around Paris 921
Rick Tulka: Things I see while riding my bike around Paris 920
Impatience_1: ** Repère/Landmark **
zoilolobo: FUTBOL1
k3s ( Kris ): Germany - Berlin (The Brandenburg Gate, 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch - 1939)mg103
Auparavant: École de cuisine, 18 mars 1939, Estonie - Cooking school
pepandtim: London - Admiralty Arch Prior to 1915. And the Enola Gay.
pepandtim: London - Queen Victoria Memorial
pepandtim: London - Kennington Park Prior to 1912. And Bram Stoker.
pepandtim: London - Hyde Park Corner
mugicalin: Postcard Renault Dauphine Auto-Ecole à Villiers sur Marne (94 Val de Marne) Collection ''Les nouvelles aventures automobiles'' L'Auto-Ecole / Editions H. Duchemin Rue Felix Faure Créteil 1968a