imagiscapephotos: IMG_3092-Edit
wNG555: Manhattan Sunset
atroche1978: Hot Chocolate and Pies $8, $10, $40
imagiscapephotos: DSC01577.jpg
S.Thunhart: NYC - "Mehr Pathosklischee geht nicht"
DPH Photography: Flooting Walkway
wNG555: Age of Empire
jkerssen: The Met
jkerssen: Victorian graffiti on the Temple of Dendur
jkerssen: The Met
jkerssen: Ancient Assyrian man purse
jkerssen: Central Park
jkerssen: The Met
jkerssen: Central Park (sound on)
babell4321: New York - Room With A View
atroche1978: Untitled Underground
Hermann Neu aka Hanoi: Grand Central Station, New York 2018
atroche1978: Naked & Famous Denim
wNG555: City of Gotham
Hermann Neu aka Hanoi: Manhattan, corner Fifth Avenue and East 28th, November 2018
Brule Laker: Saint Thomas Church
atroche1978: A Colorful Pair
babell4321: New York at Sunset
babell4321: Brooklyn Bridge New York
babell4321: Empire State Building New York
atroche1978: Dollies, Doorways, and Deliveries