Firefly by Duple: DDM 251J - Scania 110 Super - Williams Bros (Wales) Ltd., Queensferry, Flintshire.
Firefly by Duple: JDM 830 - Morris Z type - J. Williams, Radio & Television dealer, Holywell. Dennis F48 FoT JDM 529K Clwyd Commer HCB WrT Clwyd UDM 286G Commer HCB ET Clwyd 148 DDM Commer HCBA WrT Clwyd JDM180D Dennis F48 Clwyd WrT Leyland Cub BDM 308 Flints/Clwyd CommerQX21A/ Buttons WrT 414 EDM Clwyd CommerQX/Buttons WrT WDM 488 Clwyd flints ERF/Jennings HP KDM860K Clwyd SDM391M Dennis F48 TSM15 Simonitor Flints Clwyd
Alan Farrow: EDM600 with Olsen Bros.
Firefly by Duple: NDM 85L - Austin FX4 Taxi Cab.
Firefly by Duple: Plaxton rears T. Hollis, Queensferry, Flintshire.
DLG 817 - Flintshire and Denbighshire area: Historic - P and O Lloyd - DM7859
robertknight16: 20 Rover 95 (1963)
Nivek.Old.Gold: FDM 984K
Boblovel: Rover 1963 95 P4 840 FDM
Firefly by Duple: PDM 521L - Toyota Celica 1600 ST.
Firefly by Duple: HDM 937D - Foden S24 - Sealand & District Transport Ltd., Shotton, Flintshire, North Wales.
Firefly by Duple: PDM 463 - Standard Vanguard pick-up.
Firefly by Duple: JDM 500K - Morgan 4/4
Firefly by Duple: Agri-Electrics, St Asaph, Mk1 Mini vans.
Firefly by Duple: 749 GDM BMW Isetta.
40019 Caronia: 1963 Austin A35 Van
40019 Caronia: 1970 Morris Minor 1000
40019 Caronia: 1972 Gilbern Invader
40019 Caronia: 1969 Jaguar E-Type YDM1H