Arminius54: P1050949 B&W
ppanek511: Mt. Seymour (behind rainbow)
walneylad: The duck pond
walneylad: The sun through the trees
walneylad: Autumn colours at the creek
walneylad: The woods in fall
Corwin's Trumps: Olympic Live Site Fireworks - Yaletown
walneylad: The sun above the creek and forest
walneylad: The creek in fall colours
walneylad: The creek in golden splendour
Michael Whyte: Summer Day at Kits Beach
annapolis_rose: Bald Eagle
FFWoodycooks: Books Unlimited sex shop - Granville St, Vancouver
dncswclds: NW camera
dncswclds: Prime lens
dncswclds: Nice
dncswclds: Dead
dncswclds: More CF
Bob Welch: Falling
walneylad: A path divided
Carol How Photography: Time-Stands-Still
Arminius54: P1060032
Enrique Waizel: Cranberry Harvest-2