rickwil64: After The Harvest
l4ts: Curbar Edge
david.horst.7: Red Barn
rickwil64: No Cellar Door
Atoptics: Coastal Wood 2
rickwil64: Surrounded
DrGregPhotos: A Gentle Magnitude
rickwil64: No Clouds In The Sky
l4ts: Ladybower Reservoir
JACK TOME: Country Road
rickwil64: Bulldozed
guytarebergeron: The sun is comin'
DrGregPhotos: Mississippi Cotton
david.horst.7: Quiet Stream
A O'Brien: The Bighorn
Peyton Carter: Dreamy drive
rickwil64: Firewood For The Winter
Atoptics: Coastal wood
l4ts: Stanton Moor
gabi-h: Hidden Intersection
rickwil64: Broken Window
guytarebergeron: La maison Sewell
A O'Brien: Shot In the Dark
rickwil64: Missing A Roof
Janette Baillie: Autumn on the Morrison Trail
Angles & Edges: Sunny Afternoon
rickwil64: Nice Face
pixelliott: Moonrise at Sunset - Start Point
Atoptics: Davis Strait - Greenland