enthusiastically unskilled: Batman Hoverfly (Myathropa florea)
enthusiastically unskilled: Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)
ddlane7: IMG_7406-1
Alone again. Naturally.: Crucifer Shieldbug (Eurydema oleracea)
joemd69: Gastrolepta anthracina
joemd69: Gastrolepta anthracina
Rinkly Ron: Collared Doves and friend
Rinkly Ron: Little Egret
John M Boon: Stonechat (f)
Nick Appleton1: DSC_2673 copy
paulf_nikon: Goldfinch
Glyn Bowman: Fallow Buck to young for this years rut
Glyn Bowman: Posers.-2
Glyn Bowman: Dominant Fallow Buck
Glyn Bowman: Fallow Buck Checking out his females
Glyn Bowman: Fallow Bucks checking each other out
ericy202: Fly about over pool 18.10.20
dbzmonfj41: Couldn't help but go back!!
davidlawrence15: Dunnock.
ddlane7: IMG_7394-1
enviro warrior: flight abberton
timcooper6: Great Crested Grebe
dbzmonfj41: Love to photograph barn owls in b/w
Simon Rich Photography: Juvenile Gull
dbzmonfj41: Betty in the first rays of light
kevinmayhew62: Curlew_82A3994
ddlane7: MVI_7452 2-1
ddlane7: IMG_7448-1
joemd69: Wool-carder bee
joemd69: Sphaerophoria hoverfly