2019 Aug. 4 ~ Globular cluster M71 & open cluster Harvard 20 in the constellation Sagitta
Joseph Brimacombe: Probable Supernova ASASSN-19abl or Brutus 8808-5 or AT2019vig or TNS ID 48539 in FAIRALL 022 or PGC 9976 Narrowfield L - Nov 21, 2019
Joseph Brimacombe: Possible Supernova ASASSN-19abk or Brutus 8809-1 or AT2019vif or TNS ID 48538 in LCRS B034346.5-383713 or PGC 608684 Narrowfield C - Nov 21, 2019
hirocun: 2I/Borisov in Crater December 7, 2019
fksr: Views from the Airplane Window - Clouds above Ontario
frankastro: M33-80ED-ASI1600MCc_50x60s-20191204
Photonfisher: The Cave Nebula – HST - Hydrogen Alpha/Oxygen III/Sulfur II
Photonfisher: SH2-155 - The Cave Nebula – Hydrogen Alpha
Ethan.WYH: Thor's Helmet Nebula (NGC 2359)
Ethan.WYH: Orion: A Winter Marvel
Joseph Brimacombe: Interstellar Comet C/2019 Q4 Borisov Dec 3, 2019
frankastro: ngc1817-1807-80ED-ASI1600MCc_60x15s-20191205
frankastro: Sh2-188-80ED-ASI1600MCc_120x60s-20191205
Jo 0405: Vague lactée
js19pv: NGC 1333: a reflection nebula in Perseus 2019 Sept. 28 ~ The centre of our Milky Way galaxy
Radical Retinoscopy: The Setting of Venus and Jupiter
Cristian Benaprés M: Orion nebula M42
Jaicoa: M79-120419-0444ut-LRGB-EMr
crowlem: 'Horsehead Nebula', Orion
Jaicoa: Merope-120319-L80m-RGB20m-EMr
Nik Szymanek: California Nebula NS
AstronomíaNovaAustral: The beautiful constellation of Orion
SkyLightDream: Sirius and the star cluster M41
alberto mimmi: Nebulosa Anima Ic 1848
Luiz Ricardo Silveira: Moon and Saturn conjunction on November 29, 2019
tigerfan72: NGC_869, the Double Cluster
bobbyzamora1: NGC 2237 "Rosette Nebula" in narrowband bicolor (hydrogen alpha, oxygen III)
TheDaveWalker: M45 - Pleiades Colours