IanAWood: Albert Chapman is still remembered
IanAWood: The grave of Emily Wells
IanAWood: The grave of Christina Beveridge
IanAWood: Grave of Thomas and Mary Clarke
Nigel Turner: Naples: Fontanelle Cemetery
IanAWood: A row of crosses either side of the wire
IanAWood: The tomb of Marie Phillips
IanAWood: Ivy takes over the grave of Marie and Joseph Taylor
IanAWood: Chest tomb in the churchyard
IanAWood: Tombstone above the reburied from the Swakeleys Vault
IanAWood: Grave of William and Mary Ball
IanAWood: Grave of Eliza Scaffold
IanAWood: Family grave of Thomas Prannels
IanAWood: Gravestone of William Blackwell
IanAWood: Chest tomb on the edge of the Churchyard
IanAWood: _IAW9688
IanAWood: Family grave of Thomas Rogers
IanAWood: Grave of Elizabeth Benson
thingsihaveseen: Graveyard is a perfect place to walk bare feet, play with night vision camera and double exposure
IanAWood: Time fades
IanAWood: _IAW9550
IanAWood: The family grave of Samuel George and Mary Eliza Wicks
IanAWood: The lower reaches of the cemetery
IanAWood: The grave of Edward McNaughtan
IanAWood: The restored family grave of Samuel Johnson
IanAWood: The grave of the once beloved Lizzie Turner
IanAWood: _IAW9542
IanAWood: _IAW9526
IanAWood: _IAW9513
IanAWood: _IAW9498