tormentor4555: The French battleship Brennus in 1894. same design as the Charles Martel
tormentor4555: USS Zane (DD 337) and USS Wasmuth (DD 338) are ready for launching at Mare Island on August 12 1919.
tormentor4555: Russian battleship "Tsesarevich" with the British warship "HMS Victory", flagship of the Royal Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. at Portsmouth, England - 1915.
tormentor4555: USS Henley (DD-391) christened by her sponsor, Miss Beryl Henley Joslin, at Mare Island, January 12th 1937.
tormentor4555: USS Henley (DD-391) at Mare Island Navy Yard California, October 1st 1937.
tormentor4555: USS Henley (DD-391) in San Pablo Bay west of Mare Island October 5th 1937.
tormentor4555: USS Henley (DD-391) at the Mare Island Navy Yard California February 25th 1942.
tormentor4555: U.S. Navy Grumman AF-2S Guardian.
tormentor4555: USS Langley (CV-1), USS Saratoga (CV-3) and USS Lexington (CV-2) docked at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington (USA), circa 1930.
tormentor4555: Japanese cruiser Naka prior to commissioning at Yokohama, November 1925.
tormentor4555: HMAS Canberra (D33)
tormentor4555: HMS Barham.
tormentor4555: USS Cooper (DD-695) Off New York March 1944 two days before her commissioning.
tormentor4555: HMS Royal Arthur passing Burrard Inlet heading for Vancouver early 1900's
tormentor4555: HMS Zealous (R-39) heading for Kiel.
tormentor4555: Launch of the Brazilian battleship Minas Geraes.
tormentor4555: Brazilian Navy Battleship Minas Geraes from above one of the gun turrets
oneyejack20071: KMS Bismarck- A&B turrets
eastwoodgeoff: HMAS Quickmatch
eastwoodgeoff: HMAS Queenborough
oneyejack20071: Jutland night action
Bobbex: USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, Pier 86, Manhattan
Bobbex: USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, Pier 86, Manhattan
TimWebb: HMS Endurance
tormentor4555: HMS Sparrowhawk.
tormentor4555: HMS Warspite entering the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta between 1937- 1938.
tormentor4555: HMS Triumph 1887.
tormentor4555: HMS Repulse anchored off Vancouver Harbour June 1921.
tormentor4555: HMS Repulse nearing Vancouver Harbour.