Chris Reus-Smit: Snow Gum backed by Mount Oakley (left), Overland Track
F!o: Die Zugspitze im Abendlicht
high noon 2012: Pendle Hill
Juan Martín M.: Torrente de Galicia
johaennesy: Winter at the Ruhr
G Yancy: Landscape Beach and Sunset, Maui
3rdeyelandscapes: Abernethy
wheatmushi: Zagedan ridge towering over the Arkhyz valley
jan.mueller92: Mirador Es Colomer Formentor
mrieffly: La roche fendue Stormy Days Are Good!
alainpere407: Pas de titre..
SWJuk: SJ1_5679 - The River Twiss
Picture post.: Here Comes The Winter Sun...
Gerry Lynch/林奇格里: Colourful sunet
young00: tree
heinstkw: Reijmersmeer (22) Countryside Landscape Viewed From Harlow Green, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England.
Maxim/Foto: The rays of the sun through the winter forest.
christopherdeacon: A Winter Walk
Mike Rosenthal: Tul 130816 mc-2
Sabrina Aspinall: Lake Sawyer DSC_1220-Panorama
Don Burkett: Carpentersville Dam