shortscale: DAMAGED
shortscale: Playing Strat
Мaistora: Vintage beauty
theomunist: a good reason not to go out in the wind and the rain
theomunist: New York Cabbie
theomunist: goose with upside down head
theomunist: bitching again...
theomunist: mixed couple
theomunist: high water time after the storm
shortscale: Krude Mischung & The Black Ignaz
mydukkan: IMG_4484
mydukkan: IMG_3408
mydukkan: IMG_1611
mydukkan: IMG_1628
mydukkan: IMG_1323
mydukkan: IMG_1328
shortscale: Proberaum
mydukkan: cortA5plusSCMSflickr15
mydukkan: IMG_0515
shortscale: Jammin
mydukkan: IMG_0061
mydukkan: cortGeneSimmonsAXE2FLICKR137
mydukkan: fenderAcoustasonic156
shortscale: Playing Green Preci
mydukkan: Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele
mydukkan: Valencia VC104 BUS
mydukkan: Godfather (cordobaM valenciaMD30MTVS)
shortscale: 1-Trick-Ponies
mydukkan: fenderCD60SCE_flickr0003
mydukkan: voxpathfinderclassic10_flickr0006