wesleyparsons: 5PM9 SCT001 SCT002 CSR009 CSR014 CF4403 EL53 EL55 passing though millswood on Sunday 24th of October 2021
Darren Schiller: Tin Palace
Steve Chasey Photography: MZS-020316-223
Steve Chasey Photography: MZS-020316-224
Darren Schiller: Walk Round Corners
Ian Ramsay Photographics: Out of the blue.
Will E Clickit - no emojis/graphics in comments: Fyshwick Market 20211024_160544
Buddy Patrick: Kynuna's Combo Waterhole (Diamantina River, North West Queensland)
Stephen Marcus: Morrison Bay, Sydney
Alien Shores Imagery: Transitions (12)
sccart: McGinns
Darren Schiller: Largs Pier Hotel
Alien Shores Imagery: Celestial Pathways 7
contemplari1940: St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Sydney
Darren Schiller: Port Adelaide
Darren Schiller: Port Adelaide Town Hall
Colin_Bates: Wentworth Falls, Blue mountains
contemplari1940: Chapter Hall St Mary's Cathedral - Roman Catholic
Geoff Whalan: Renmants of Hector the Convector (see below) at sunset as seen from Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin Harbour, NT, Australia
contemplari1940: Brinkley Hall opened 18 April 1921, South Australia
Cisc Pics: Contemplation
laurie.g.w: Whisky Bay Wilsons Prom
Gary Eastwood: Yannathan Cascades
Steve Chasey Photography: MZS-020316-220
calook: Port Campbell pier
bloodpuddle: Waratah, Blue Mountains, Australia
PhillMono: Pelaw Main ruins 6