PTR: keep calm and love Lola
PTR: hot saint
PTR: even when it's a great wall
PTR: right, 19
PTR: verb
PTR: If you don't live it, you don't believe it.
PTR: it's almost x-mas baby
PTR: without balloon
PTR: with balloon
PTR: skatepark
PTR: as usual
PTR: automn
PTR: beware of the...
PTR: he's got it
PTR: playboy
PTR: keeping an eye
PTR: bad trip
PTR: fruitian slip
Rieja Schildermans: streetartHasselt443020192019-09-08streetarthasselt_07A443008 september 2019_07A44305252019-4430
PTR: cut it loose
PTR: tonight is the night
PTR: once and awhile they're out there
PTR: difficult
PTR: no sheep
PTR: worth a try
PTR: gimme an...
PTR: fuck design
PTR: King Bones
PTR: absolutely
PTR: jonko