JayTeeMan: Just before the snow came...
stay.fitz: DSC02429
stay.fitz: DSC02245
stay.fitz: DSC02382
JayTeeMan: Smooth and silky...
tuvidaloca: Berberis julianae, foliage & fruits (study)
Nop Piriya: Two of us
Peter Barzinsky: Екатерина / Catherine
Jungfrau & Altglas: Zuiko 50mm - 20
JayTeeMan: That time of year...parka and Sorels!
Lightfiddler: Selfie X 4
Steve InMichigan: Snow from 11 - 11 - '19.
Jungfrau & Altglas: Zuiko 50mm - 17
leo.roos: Careful with that axe Eugene
leo.roos: Deciduous conifer _ 2
digital defect: Storm over Gothic Church Tower.
Geza (aka Wilsing): Lens test (34 of 43)
Peter Barzinsky: Маша / Mary
kodl68: connection 7
klaudia_2018: luces otoñales
h.ullrich: Hagebutte
h.ullrich: Rosa Mozart
leo.roos: Cascading Schlumbergera
dl1ydn: Reflections on the water
Capturelicious: Sechium edule leaf
Lightfiddler: Raukar
Jungfrau & Altglas: Zuiko 50mm - 15
leo.roos: Fence
Puuhale: Flower Power