JayTeeMan: That breeze feels nice...
Hamburg PORTography: Lighthouse Westerhever Sand
Ronald van der Graaf: Hortus botanicus Leiden
kodl68: red flame in the universe
kodl68: important thing
kodl68: somewhere in the nature
zimwizdotcom: Polka Dot Head Shot
Puuhale: Another face of Maui
Puuhale: Mollie
leo.roos: Globe thistle in agony
j.ford50: 2015 Yamaha SR400
Steve InMichigan: You Can't Fence in All of Us.
bohdan.kalinovskyy: Blue Beauty.
agataurbaniak: Untitled
Tim Breeze: The Beginnings of Chilli
Steve InMichigan: Turk's-Cap Lily (Wildflower)
Steve InMichigan: Chicory (Wildflower)
Steve InMichigan: Black-Eyed Susan(s) - (Wildflower)
kokemomiji: まにまに
leo.roos: Self reflection
tklin2003: GXR Voigtländer Nokton 50/1.5
leo.roos: Mysterious brick circle in Holland
leo.roos: G-spot
agataurbaniak: Untitled
h.ullrich: lila.
h.ullrich: im garten.
tklin2003: SL SummicronM 90/2 v1
leo.roos: Duotone security
tklin2003: SL summicron m 90/2 v1