ucn: It's a Dog's World
ucn: Hauptstraße / Markgrafendamm
simple.joy: Light up...you're not as empty as you feel!
ucn: Travelling in Thought
downstreamer: Daybreak
robertfoerster: Autumnal
robertfoerster: Wabi Sabi
robertfoerster: Little redhead
ucn: Reading a Book while waiting for the Takeaway
robertfoerster: Y'a d'la joie !
Micholand: Isar riverside
ucn: In Conversation
robertfoerster: Happy Caturday from Ares and Robert - Bon chamedi á tous !
Micholand: Isarwerkkanal
ucn: At Water's Edge
ucn: Duck on the Edge
ucn: Urban Solitude - Crossing in the Distance
ucn: .
ucn: Broken Crucifix
ucn: Sit - Walk
ucn: Urban Solitude - Waiting for the Train
ucn: Cemetery Gate
ucn: At the Lake
catwald: schwarzer Block
Micholand: Biergarten
Micholand: Hirschgarten
Micholand: Sommerfestival
catwald: La Abend
alf sigaro: Die Erinnerungsfotografen