R King 7: Over the Palisade 2
Quevillon: Lachine Lock (Panoramic)
Quevillon: Getting out of the Lachine Lock
Quevillon: Lachine Lock
Quevillon: Côte-Saint-Paul Lock (Panoramic)
Martin_Périard: Fort Chambly,QC
A Great Capture: Fort York Medical
A Great Capture: Fort York - South Soldier’s Barracks @ Doors Open Toronto 2019
Quevillon: HMCS Haida (2)
Quevillon: HMCS Haida (1)
R King 7: Outside The Palisade
peterkelly: The Lonely Sentry
khopes: Grandview (Nash-Jackson House) at the Battlefield House Museum & Park National Historic Site - Stoney Creek, Ontario.
I saw_that: canal shoooter
peterkelly: From The Hill To The Harbour
A Great Capture: Fort York - Doors Open Toronto 2019
peterkelly: A Clean Shot
peterkelly: The Sun Peaks Out
A Great Capture: 433 Eastern Ave - Doors Open Toronto 2019
peterkelly: The Barracks Cook
peterkelly: Cannon Bombardment
Emory Minnick: Bird's Eye View-Butchart Gardens-Victoria Brithish Columbia-Canada 02492
twurdemann: yellow rumped warbler
peterkelly: Hough House Steps
peterkelly: Window Breaker
peterkelly: Fort Rope
peterkelly: Staircase Bust
Emory Minnick: Flowered Gate & Trellis-Butchart Gardens-Victoria Island BC 02511
Emory Minnick: Sunken Garden-Butchart Gardens-Victoria British Columbia 02514