Inglourious Reptiles: Saturnia pyretorum
mlbeirnaert: Archimantis Latistyla - Large Brown Mantid. N.S.W.
erickdelima: Mariposa - moth
Terathopius: 52.005 Welsh Clearwing (Synanthedon scoliaeformis), Glen Rossal, Highland
Terathopius: 49.051 Cnephasia asseclana, Hickling Broad, Norfolk
Terathopius: 15.081 Phyllonorycter nicellii, Balmerino, Fife
Ray 'Wolverine' Li: _DSC1626_LOGO
DaveSPN: In Close
DaveSPN: Aye Aye Skipper
strjustin: Jumper Eating Dubia Roach
David P James: Skipper
David P James: Pipevine Swallowtail and bee
David P James: Common Buckeye Butterfly
ParcelBye: Prosotas dubiosa - Tailless Line Blue
Richard D McMellon: Steatoda nobilis
StrangeCharmDesign: Blow Fly
khteWisconsin: “How The Koch Network Hijacked The War On COVID”
Tj & Jo: Eastern Comma
Tj & Jo: Viceroy
Tj & Jo: White Admiral
Tj & Jo: Red Admiral
Xx7trey: Resting bumblebee
khteWisconsin: “Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear”
khteWisconsin: The American Democratic and Republican political parties are THE SINGLE GREATEST existential threat facing the planet
khteWisconsin: “Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees, lessening their ability to sniff out crops and wildflowers.”
khteWisconsin: Oil Companies are fighting back by having Washington maneuver into creating green energy material shortages
khteWisconsin: Yep, that’s a Nazi flag alright – wholly cow! America is really that bad
Funny Cyclist: Cornwall Trip 21-10-21 (22)r Trerice
ksblack99: Tawny Emperor Butterfly
Andrelo2014: Schwebfliege (Syrphidae)