Tanya4260: Inspirational, on photo I took
brookdaledude: Rosey Sunshine
brookdaledude: Beauty in the Green
brookdaledude: Button of Beauty
brookdaledude: Bee Purple Smile!
brookdaledude: Grass and Flowers
brookdaledude: 106 and Buzz — The Pieces
Tanya4260: Blue jay, tempera on canvas I painted.
brookdaledude: Cosmo Spot!
brookdaledude: Sunny Pieces
Tanya4260: Cross, word art, made using pen
Tanya4260: Crossing the road, Pen drawing, the blue effect is from a digital filter
brookdaledude: Hands and Face
Tanya4260: Tree, basic sketch
Tanya4260: Glass-wing butterfly, watercolor I painted on a page from Clive Cussler's Inca Gold
brookdaledude: That Gold Star
brookdaledude: Hit The Deck!
Tanya4260: Inspirational, NIV
brookdaledude: Glass Feather
brookdaledude: The Star Is Pink!
Tanya4260: Camels, marker sketch I drew, word added digitally.
Tanya4260: Pear Blossom
brookdaledude: the Pieces Of A Tree
brookdaledude: Pass It On !
Tanya4260: Flowers, I found these in front of an establishment, bordering the sidewalk
brookdaledude: The Sparkle aAnd The POP!
Tanya4260: Origami
Tanya4260: Butterfly I Sketched.
brookdaledude: Fly High