Austin Westervelt: Apparition
GlennDriver: Marie Elisabeth Haus 2
gregadams5522: Balance Rock - Arches National park
Northwoods Apparition: Root Beer Falls, Planter Creek
ECKE86: Bergen - Study 12
jholls84: Ty Mawr
jholls84: Pilots cottages
gregadams5522: Star Trails Over Mono Lake
martindsmith: St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Northumberland
Emran Ashraf: London Eye
Ozlem Acaroglu( n e v e r c o m e b a c k t o m e
Marco Maljaars: Connected
paulantony2: Bridge at the Quays
Alec Lux: Nostalgic Bruges IV
Alec Lux: Stones Remain II
Captain Claw: Just before it rains | Bandarban
Trent9701: The Exploration Place II
Ozlem Acaroglu( ......o n l y y o u n o w (II)
Hunter's Photo Page: Derelict Fishing Boat
overhoist: Bamburgh Castle
niggyl (well behind): Liffey Falls
martindsmith: Turnberry Lighthouse, South Ayrshire 242 seconds long exposure
ZEPHIDEBERCY: La Metaleuse....
gregadams5522: The Path to the Galactic Center
tolle13: Lily pads and reflections