spelio: Bench in West Basin
m.herrmann1979: subway blue(s)
Joseph Hollick: Plains Road Village Vision, Burlington Ontario
KPortin: Photographing a Tarn
benlarhome: 365-6-300 Grassi Lakes in the snowy season
Melinda Young Stuart: Grand Benches
A n t o i n e t t e: call me angel of the morning
soniaadammurray - On & Off: A Quiet Place on the Beach
JenSue256: Happy Bench Monday
Barbara.Elizabeth: Friends sitting and looking at the View
Puste66blume: Bunte Bänke
MIgracionTOtal: Absurdistan
meraki ~ { jerri with an i }: sometimes I feel like a nut. . sometimes I don't
Timothy Valentine: @ the dressmaker's
NJKent: Millennium Garden Bench, Pensthorpe
Picture-Perfect Cats: Backyard Escapes...lazy days in Autumn
btusdin: Leaf-covered Bench
birdsetcetera: Foul Weather
threejumps: Swan Meadows, Abergavenny
Monceau: Old iron and wooden bench in the Abbey cemetery
Jassy-50: photo - The Bridge of the Milford Mariner
nicki bonnell: Time for a Break
Eddie C3: Noguchi Museum Garden
Eddie C3: Noguchi Museum Garden
johngpt: the mums who befriended a bench
RPahre: Past its prime - HBM!
karma (Karen): Cromwell Valley Park ~ on a foggy morn