BJC- photos: Flower power ... SOC
Paul Dermot Gallagher.: A Teasel touched by Winter.
m.herrmann1979: a lecture in English
Orland Park Birdie Girl: Newly Emerged Mason Bee on the Edge of the Bee Hotel
AllaTabashnikova: Last leaf
Jicé 62: Renaissance !
budak: _Z2A1001 Pycanum rubens
CVIja(x): Voigtlander Color-Lanthar
vip.villyp: Strand-ringspinder, Malacosoma castrensis
vip.villyp: Kløverspinder, Lasiocampa trifolii
ETFoster: Capitol Adornment
Ken Mattison: Winter Green (HFF)
donmai651: Please knock
MaryH17: Xmas Cactus 1
Gene Ellison: Wrapped in Ice
Gene Ellison: Wrapped in Ice 2
somogyi.laszlo: SAM_9903
virginie_maronne: two little hands
lorinleecary: The Wonder of Detail: bark art series
Alex Födor: Rosehip... Beginning of autumn...
StewartMFC: Nuthatch.
Phanera: Vibration2
Modkuse: Winter Bush
Modkuse: Winter Bush
donnacurrall: Vermont Maple Syrup - The Small Size
kacagany: Budapest