quietpurplehaze07: naranja: oranges are not the only fruit
mara.arantes: Flamboyant in spring
piwiyan: forced
Cartale: Pink rose - Perfect happiness
piwiyan: The red gloves
Madelaine Peres: 2020-10-13_09-27-38
piwiyan: cale-porte (doorstop}
quietpurplehaze07: Guernsey lilies in the glasshouse
Michèle C.: Abstrait d'automne
ewitsoe: Marta C
quietpurplehaze07: red leaves and sparklng rain drops
me*voilà: in the forecast...
quietpurplehaze07: sun and raindrops light up the hot pokers..,
quietpurplehaze07: shocking pink
quietpurplehaze07: the autumn leaves
navejo: Pissarro
quietpurplehaze07: sol y sombra
quietpurplehaze07: bee heaven - West Dean Gardens
Hayashina: red (272/366)
itarugra: Ginza night 01
Coyoty: Paper Umbrella
NJKent: Red Umbrellas
Eva astur: Reflejo en negro
quietpurplehaze07: dusted - explored
quietpurplehaze07: red with a sunflare
Gerard Hermand: Constat amiable
d.o.c. martin: Greifswalder Straße, Berlin