Ernst Haas: Crete in Tuscany misty morning
Ernst Haas: the colors simply blew me away
RafaelAxon: bank im wald
thetollart: Fall Leaf
Roman Willi Photography: Hypaeus benignus
Tom_Allcock: Colourful Beetle
thetollart: Leaf Veins #2
thetollart: Frosty Leaf Veins
cdcaceres: Macroflora
andredekesel: Misumena with prey (2)
linebrell: X-T2 2022-11-13 317
cdcaceres: M A C R O
linebrell: X-T2 2022-11-10 098
linebrell: X-T2 2022-11-10 050
Ivan Ujevic: Enchanted Forest
TojoLeo: Mushroom in the Morning Light
WalrusTexas: Fidget Spinner
a.cheerful.texas: golden orb weaver and autumn colors
a.cheerful.texas: tip of the screw, 2:1
trullez: Waterdrops on a small wire
WalrusTexas: Long-Jawed Silker
a.cheerful.texas: when caterpillars look like fromsoft bosses
a.cheerful.texas: tiny yellow flower
a.cheerful.texas: purple flower center
andredekesel: Remains of summer