tango-: Vila do Conde, Portugal _437
tango-: Cascais, Portugal 798
Nigel Turner: Tamar Bridges, Saltash, Cornwall
Howard Somerville: Swans of Avon
tango-: Faro, Portugal, August 2018 1128
Jill Lewins: Pointing to heaven
aeder625: Arch of Trajan in Benevento Italy
Jolivillage: Bassano del Grappa
Nigel Turner: Sham Ruin, Mount Edgecombe Park, Plymouth Sound
Bill 3.2 Million views: Howe Truss (still here)
Nigel Turner: St German's Priory, St German's, Cornwall
tango-: Tavira, Portugal, August 2018 1160
tango-: Vila do Conde, Portugal 2018_440
m01229: Taking a selife at the Denali National Park sign
m01229: Denali National Park - Savage River
m01229: Savage River hiking trail - Denali National Park
m01229: The Denali Park Hotel sign
m01229: Sign for Denali National Park
m01229: Denali Park Hotel interior
m01229: JULY 16 2018 - BRYCE, UTAH: Tourists and hikers enjoy the overlook viewpoint Inspriation Point at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah
m01229: At Bryce Canyon National Park
m01229: Bryce Canyon sunrise
m01229: Hoodoos at Sunrise
m01229: Duck face
m01229: Rock formations at Bryce Canyon
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guysandtravel: P2010514
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