migueldeozarko: fish plate special
Ptitmoranne: Se ruband coloré céleste
WayneToTheMax: Show Me Slowly What I Only Know The Limits Of
Amba-lee: In The Pines
Viktor Manuel 990.: FLORAL. To brighten up your Winter.
Laszlo2019: way of light
besimguermen: a mystical path
Phanera: Frozen windows - Fenêtres gélées
dannyhennesy: Failure in trying to self-portrait me since I got most of my facial structures outside of the main focus point on this cluttered image (Pennting Geometric artwork by Danny Hennesy 2022 and Bic Biros ballpoints)
Oliver Zillich: Crystal Palace
kfocean01: I Won't Be Late...
franzisko hauser: hope for the light
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Black Windows
jerrywb2010: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Mrs.WQ: Taking it to the City Streets-Indiana
Mick Herbert: lost in translation
tmbx: New frameworks
_macius_: Angoixa / anguish
grahamstjohnsmith: Train at Waterloo
Bernard Spragg: Lake Pukaki. New Zealand
4Rider: Korova Milky Bar - 2012
Maria Rizzi Grandi 985: Landscapes With Sailboats - N10
Reinier de Rooie: egyptian woman (2)
Le Papa Tango: La Sentinelle
golfbag3: DEAN’S GARDEN.