anjella.buckens: Hawfinch looks in "the mirror". A beautiful picture
anjella.buckens: Who knows what the spotted woodpecker hears or sees?
satdishguy: He has his eye on me.
anjella.buckens: Beautiful flycatcher sitting in the water
olwynam1: Female House Sparrow
rumerbob: Black Skimmer Family.
Solosx3: Brutus5618
georgehart64: Puffin with Sand eels
anjella.buckens: Colourful Jay. All the colours make him so beautiful
anjella.buckens: Junevile greattit in bath
monelly2011: hoverfly
anjella.buckens: The spotted woodpecker sees in "the mirror" how beautiful it is 😎
anjella.buckens: The squirrels can smell the nuts from afar, they are always found.
Trev4 Photography: Small Tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on a Buddleia 10 Aug 2020
Steve Weaver: Whippet, Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk
satdishguy: He can still see me.
Mandenno photography: Suamtran Tigres, Burgers Zoo The Netherlands
anjella.buckens: FOR ALL SQUIRREL FANS! 😄 this is one off my favorite pictures. Jumping Squirrel