cocopie: Chloe
stanlupo (Thanks for 3,000,000 views): A Berry For Your Thoughts
Ravline: Domestic sheep - Schaap - Mouton - Hausschaf - Ovis orientalis aries (Bovidae, Ovis)
Guy Lichter Photography - 5.2M views Thank you: Great Horned Owl...#1 (aka Lucky)
LeanneHall3 :-): Posing ❤
avibar361: Black Swan
avibar361: Black Swan swimming in the lake
MarTou72: ...akrobatische Ohrschlammschnecke, Werbellinsee
avibar361: Cormorant Close-up
olwynam1: Grey squirrel
olwynam1: Bug from the Miridae family
olwynam1: Shield bug
olwynam1: Juvenile Great Crested Grebe
marksargeant57: House sparrow, Male
Future-Echoes: Young Red Panda
Ravline: Eurasian coot - Meerkoet - Foulque macroule - Blässhuhn - Fulica atra (Gruiformes - Rallidae)
Olivier Brosseau: Mylabre à quatre points
Astral Will: Paper Wasp
sigridspringer: träumerle
avibar361: goose enjoying the hot sun
avibar361: Duck portraiture
MarTou72: Riesenmuschel, Egypt Safaga
rumerbob: Northern Cardinal.
olwynam1: Female Mallard Duck
olwynam1: Collared Dove
olwynam1: Grey Squirrel