Northern_Nights: Lightning_comp_2nd
adhuberty: lightning
adhuberty: lightning
Northern_Nights: All in just a quarter second! (Explored)
ladyelfsnapshots: County Road Lightning
Northern_Nights: Approaching Storm
Northern_Nights: GoPro 11 Capture_2
Northern_Nights: Before:After_B
Northern_Nights: Before/After_A
Northern_Nights: Approaching Thunderstorm @ 120 fps
Northern_Nights: GoPro 11 Capture_1
Northern_Nights: Cloud to Ground
Northern_Nights: Strike of the Day (6000th Flickr upload)
rellet17: Storm Chaser
ladyelfsnapshots: Lighting up the Night
Thanasis Liapis: Meteora Stormy Night
scherrermonika: Thunderstorm in the Alps
Northern_Nights: Missed Opportunity
Northern_Nights: Fire Sky & Anvil Lightning
Northern_Nights: Another High Speed Lightning Capture
Northern_Nights: A nice branched lightning
Northern_Nights: Cloud to Ground @ 240fps (GoPro)
Northern_Nights: Cloud to Ground Strike @ 240FPS
Northern_Nights: Branched Lightning along Massive Rain Shaft
Northern_Nights: Anvil Crawlers @ 240 fps
Northern_Nights: Lightning_stack8
scherrermonika: Stars and sheet lightning over Thun, Switzerland
ladyelfsnapshots: Highway 64 Lightning
rrrrrrteee: IMGL1811