John David Murphy: Great Northern Diver does battle with a small Squat Lobster. Dublin Bay, Ireland.
Roger Hickey: First Light Great Blue Heron
Jakza: canário da terra
JohnMorrisonphotos: Orange-crowned Warbler
JohnMorrisonphotos: Common Yellowthroat
JohnMorrisonphotos: Yellow-rumped Warbler
georgesr58: I took this photo in 2002 with a Canon D-60 and a Canon 75/300 is lens . I always thought it would make pretty Christmas Cards 🎄 But never got around to it.I was so blessed to get this picture. These Ducks landed on the ice and they slid
Radha Krishn: Portrait of a Mourning Dove
trawson58: Grey Partridge
Radha Krishn: Mourning Dove and the flying insect (midge?)
吳政彥: 2021/4/10/SA
eccy.dejonge: Great Crested Grebe
AsWeTravel16: Eastern Phoebe Tinker Nature Park Henrietta, NY
eccy.dejonge: Great Crested Grebe
eccy.dejonge: Great Crested Grebe
eccy.dejonge: Blue Tit
Gilbert Rolland: Canard Colvert - Mallard Duck
eccy.dejonge: Blue Tit
eccy.dejonge: Blackbird (Eurasian)
HUGH MC MILLAN: Blue tit. Erskine, Scotland.
eccy.dejonge: Starling
johnatkins2008: Great Crested Grebe at Ferry Meadows 09/04/21.
Rik.Kirk: RSPB Bempton
lillianderwelis: Big bite! White-breasted Nuthatch 2021 04 10 (4)
lillianderwelis: Singing loud! White-breasted Nuthatch singing 2021 04 09 (14)
lillianderwelis: White-crowned Sparrow 2021 04 10 (12)
lillianderwelis: White-crowned Sparrow molting 2021 04 07 (6)
pluengos: Red-breasted Merganser
Corriplaya: Chopí, Gnorimopsar chopi, Chopi blackbird