wilstronger: Candy Mirando Horizonte
mlektm50s1959: Katrina
Simon_sees: Traveller
angelakanner: 14 Years Today Buster Joined Our Family...
leeconvery: 20221203_083626
Wayloncash: José_20201010_145943
h.klosa: Frieda
h.klosa: Yoda
@daz_reynolds: 28 Nov 22 Lily.
Wayloncash: Conchita_08211
Wayloncash: Jerry&Alma&Felicia&Conchita_20210221_104034
Wayloncash: Maya&Luca&Savannah_02409
osorhormichael: Pregnant mum and her unborn child are 'likely to die' after she was set upon by a group of teens in a carpark and bashed on the head with a block of concrete - as her horror injuries are revealed...... read more
osorhormichael: After losing his parents, Roscoe, a 3-year-old orangutan, was so depressed
Norm Johnson: Playful Jackie
bazmazphoto: How does a dog sleep like that?
Prdka La Bleu: My owner...
Prdka La Bleu: Sir Maňulák
Prdka La Bleu: milking charlie
TheSugarAndSass: My little fur friend; Tillie.
Seven_Wishes: Bonnie
Seven_Wishes: Bonnie Boo Boo
Norm Johnson: You turn my world upside down.
Norm Johnson: When a dog does THIS!
christopher.horbach: Harriette climbing the woodpile