Spencer Means: Red benches: 229 Meeting Street (c.1850), Charleston, SC
Spencer Means: Barnes & Noble: The Century Building (1880-81), Union Square, New York City
nirak68: Ausblick
Melinda * Young: Mausoleum Behind Glass
karma (Karen): Park School ~ Preschool bldg
Spencer Means: Reflections on the Upper East Side, Manhattan
karma (Karen): Park School-athletic center reflection
sjb4photos: Cascade Grocery in Ouray, Colorado - 1993
cmoniwolf (monimago): der geheime garten, burgtorbrücke
HiJinKs Media...: The Name's Bond, B Bond
A n t o i n e t t e: window dressing
Christina's World : On & Off: The Colors of Chinatown
Christina's World : On & Off: East is East, and West is San Francisco
J.Weyerhäuser: HWW - Closed Window
unknown quantity: Poles Apart
unknown quantity: Kit Carson County, Colorado
tmattioni: Pie Shoppe
Martellotower: View through the Seaview restaurant window. HWW
micky the pixel: Neunkirchen / Saarland
micky the pixel: Domat/Ems
micky the pixel: Dessous Fashion
Walter Johannesen: Lys - Mørke 04
Walter Johannesen: Lys - Mørke 04 BW
pienw: [abandoned]