descartes.marco: Elna Sticker
carnagenyc: Fuckin Revs
graffNYCurator: Clyde and Onions
graffNYCurator: Chip7 Mayhem and Sonet
graffNYCurator: Broker DTA
txmx 2: -
LoisInWonderland: Nic 707 riding the 1 train
Talking Nonsense Online: stiil up so i added
foto fledgling: The New Kid on the Block
DubbleX: Cruel love...
Fym ♥ You: Sticks
Zrds....Dest*: ***********
-murdoc (Maybe trading): Submit your Stickers,posters, and card board. I'm having a show!
graffNYCurator: Chip7 D30