JP38photos: Grande Cascade , Sainte Suzanne, Ile De La Réunion
Napafloma-Photographe: Nous sommes tous des pèlerins / We are all pilgrims
Catherine Gidzinska and Simon Gidzinski: Traditional pottery techniques are still alive with every household having at least one ceramic pot for drinking water. Vaishyas cast that potters belong to is highly regarded in India with the younger generations still preserving family trade.
manueleugeniodavo1959: Camino de Briksdal
Maciek Gornisiewicz: Perception of Time
Simian Photography: Old Bridge
rvk82: Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, India
reedography: Sultans of string
First.Light.55: The Colorful Black Lamp Posts of Red Wing
Topher Photography: Flame Skimmer Posing
kendavis510: Belgian Chocolate Truffle with Whipped Cream.
Afshin Azari-Vala: pssst, I'm behind you!
Kevin Tataryn: Heritage
rg69olds: Incased
mapleleaf16-11-56: Reflections in the pond...
Steve Amaon Photography: DSC05177 - Quite A Story
YL Jin: Golden Gate Bridge
dbirmingham08: Walking Away
Andres Shin: 19S00370h03
Roger Lancaster Photos: Ghosts in Gettysburg cornfield...
Betty_l0u: Horloge universelle, Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Reddad Ford: Palazzo Ducale
Reddad Ford: Santorini Sites - 2016 Italy/Greece Cruise
jsnewy: bouys from the black stuff
jsnewy: whispering grass
jsnewy: beaming
davidcoates43: Under my umbrella