Wuzbug: My Shelf. Coloured pencil drawing on white card by jmsw. Highlights in Gouache.
rod1691: Carlsbad Beach 02-10-25-19
kaeuflin: A Place to Rest
Gioserra: Country house on the hills
entwoman: Tiny Dragon in markers, watercolors, and gel pen in my watercolor paper sketchbook.
rod1691: O'Side Harbor 14-4-2-19
Gioserra: Ratko Zatca in charcoial Oct 2019
rod1691: O'Side Sunrise 26-9-26-19-2
krspaints: Judy and her puddy tat
krspaints: dance
Gioserra: On the way to my mother's Oct 2019
rod1691: Carlsbad Beach Dawn 20-10-25-19
Linda Vanysacker - Van den Mooter: België, Ichtegem, achterzijde van Statiebeekstraat 14
Wuzbug: Last stage of 2. Coloured pencil drawing by jmsw of Leaves.
krspaints: 28 RIDE inktober
rod1691: Sunset 21-8-7-19
Wuzbug: Stage 4 of 4. Drawn while listening to, Parce Mihi Domine. A most Beautiful piece of Music.
Gioserra: Quick graphite sketch of a nice pose Oct 2019
rod1691: O'Side Grey Dawn 09-10-30-19
rod1691: O'Side Sprinter 15-10-20-19
Linda Vanysacker - Van den Mooter: België, Snaaskerke, Vrijheidsstraat
Gioserra: Pasquale Mirra ott 2019
rod1691: O'Side Pier Sunset 18-10-28-19
William Yipp: Peggys Cove - Nova Scotia
rod1691: Sunrise 15-1-31-19
Timothy Flanagan: Hey Dude!
Wuzbug: Portrait of Sean Connery in his eighties, Pencil drawing by jmsw.
Gioserra: Quick sketches at live session
Gioserra: Sitting nude in graphite ott 2019
rod1691: Carlsbad Sunrise 12-10-25-19