Tosh Mafum: santa claus
Tosh Mafum: santa claus 2
kaceymalakian: Sister Sister
bobbywhatsup: Polaroid - my mother
Joep Polaroid Photography: That amazing feeling
lametta und kringel: 080_polaroid_weihnachtsbaum
Tosh Mafum: grandmother's hand
CHRISTOPHER ERDOS: Stop Wasting Your Expensive Film
MaddalenaV: mamma e papà
Woof Nanny: mom and dad
zennax: EmyPola
Janet Moore-Coll: Mom on Captiva--scanned Polaroid image. Captiva Island FL, circa 1980
breathehard: birthday gifts
TheDeadFormat: photoalbum_0024
TheDeadFormat: photoalbum_0008
TheDeadFormat: disney mom
TheDeadFormat: photoalbum_0018
jakem: Father and Camera
Antony J Shepherd: Mum & Dad
wowitsacow: My parents and me, circa 1987
DJ EZ Pants: My parents on their first anniversary