spearmint62: sunset 2019
spearmint62: A time before the view was spoilt by landing plantforms
spearmint62: Dolphins in the Bay 2
spearmint62: Cardiff Bay 3 12 2019
spearmint62: Tree and lights
spearmint62: St Davids Hotel 5 12 2019
spearmint62: Pentwyn reservoir 2
spearmint62: 5 12 2019
spearmint62: Foggy Bay 5 12 2019
spearmint62: Sunrise over Cardiff 5 12 2019
spearmint62: Shouthendown sunset sufers 29 11 2019
spearmint62: Jason Southerndown .
busmender1964: Llynnau Mymbyr, Snowdonia National Park, Wales
busmender1964: Frosted Grasses
busmender1964: Frosty Landscape
spearmint62: Newport wetlands
spearmint62: Canoes
spearmint62: Fern on a tree at Pentwyn reservoir 27 3 2019
spearmint62: X marks the spot
spearmint62: High water at the falls
spearmint62: Looking towards Gaer fort Brecon Beacons
busmender1964: Llyn Y Dywarchen, Snowdonia National Park, Wales
spearmint62: Southerndown 7 8 2019
busmender1964: An Autumn Treat
spearmint62: Lone Tree Sunset
spearmint62: Clouds
spearmint62: Sunset pool
Ron Fisher: D19339. Afon Elan.
yeahwotever: Decomissioned LV-14.
Ron Fisher: D21389. Worm's Head.