walker_danny: Mack dealers in Unanderra where my brother and a few others park their Hanson's lorries (quad dog, tri axle trailer then Mark's tri axle dog)
walker_danny: Old school to the bone the owner of this SAR I met in Perth.. check out his mobile phone holder!!
walker_danny: Murrells northbound Albion Park Rail
walker_danny: Past the steelworks at Cringila lights
walker_danny: The first part of the long climb up Mount Ousley with Jas King in the big 550hp Cat T904 Kenny grossing just over 50 tonne
walker_danny: Jas King loaded at 21 Dump for a run over to Berrima from memory
walker_danny: Perth truckstop
walker_danny: Neat 909 at Perth truckstop
walker_danny: Brailey's yard at Port Kembla early August 2019
walker_danny: '84 Kenworth SAR working around Perth
Wouter Bregman: Mack LT 1954
Wouter Bregman: Mack F786ST 1980
Wouter Bregman: Mack B61T 1963
Wouter Bregman: Kenworth W900L 1990
jack byrnes hill: Brand Loyalty
jack byrnes hill: The Big Dawg
jack byrnes hill: 1965 Mack B81
pclay923: MACK R Model Roll-Off
walker_danny: Yeah I think I'll stick with the subtle style...
pclay923: Kenworth
pclay923: MACK R Model Tandem
pclay923: MACK DM690 Wrecker
pclay923: KENWORTH
pclay923: MACK Superliner
pclay923: MACK R Model #171
pclay923: MACK Superliner & Kenworth
walker_danny: Boyce being dropped home in Farnham by J&A with more shine on than I've ever seen it with before
yeahwotever: 18 Wheeler.
pclay923: MACK R Model 171