Andy WXx2009: Corsica 93
frank.kocsis1: Wood Stork -26
virtual friend (zone patcher): IN DA LENS...GOTTA GET OUT OF DIS VISUAL..I KNOW WHAT HE DOES TO IMAGES Urlar Moor Milky Way
HereInVancouver: Alone at the Beach
Rob-Shipway: PC040181
frank.kocsis1: Big Horn Sheep 4055
Rob-Shipway: P9132985
Seckington Images: Hillview the Working End of the Garden, UK.
Rob-Shipway: P9122972
Trev Green: Texan Waiting (ZM329)
Trev Green: Wheels Up (ZK030)
euskal begia: DSC_3683
Accidental shot: Isola Gallinara
Accidental shot: BMW Classic
euskal begia: DSC_3678
euskal begia: DSC_3680
MyPicturesGalore: Bernkastel Buildings
MyPicturesGalore: Post Box-Bernkastel
MyPicturesGalore: Bernkastel side street
MyPicturesGalore: Bernkastel architecture
MyPicturesGalore: The Ratskeller Bernkastel
MyPicturesGalore: Pinner Kreuz Cochem
MyPicturesGalore: Martins Fountain Cochem
MyPicturesGalore: St. Martins Church Cochem
MyPicturesGalore: Cochem Castle
MyPicturesGalore: Cochem Castle