yeahwotever: Sign Face
kaising_fung: Streaming water and flowing clouds 流水共浮雲
kaising_fung: Rising
kaising_fung: Within 內在
kaising_fung: Clearing 雪過天睛
kaising_fung: Corner 角落
kaising_fung: Listen to the beats
kaising_fung: Painted 風沙入屋簷
kaising_fung: Netted 迷惘
sunolan: Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park........NYC, USA
sunolan: Visited Dumbo this Thursday, getting ready for a 9/11 visit.
sunolan: View From Governors Island NYC, USA
sunolan: The Staten Island Ferry streaking by......Governors Island, NYC, USA
sunolan: Ellis Island, NYC, NY, USA
sunolan: The Great Hall, Ellis Island, NYC, NY, USA
kaising_fung: La Mall 彩廊
kaising_fung: The skyline 地平線
kaising_fung: Lines and colors 色彩與線條
kaising_fung: Sunshine 陽光
sunolan: Ellis Island
kaising_fung: After work 下班
sunolan: Black Beauty from the rumblers car show, Coney Island, BKYN, NY, USA
sunolan: Rumblers Car Show, Coney Island, BKYLN, NY, USA
sunolan: An early morning visit to the Rumblers Car Show in Cony Island, NYC, NY, USA
sunolan: 20170911.2534-Editemail.jpg
sunolan: Today, remember 9/11.