Matthijs Borghgraef | Kwikzilver: A rooftop view of Amsterdam Zuidas
xtaros: Tampa - Florida
Andreas Komodromos: Downtown Funk - New York City
GJPRODUCT3: IMG_20190618_193715_361
sw188: Die Stadt 333
GJPRODUCT3: 20190618_154950-1
GJPRODUCT3: IMG_20190618_193924_532
ingrid.lowis: a resulute woman
Michael Degenhart: Urban economy. (Exile on mainstreet)
f1g2: IMG_20190617_150625-01
terrylw64: Downtown Little Rock
CJS*64: Parisians
CJS*64: Towering icon
Sven Storbeck: Cake Slice and Balloons
Mark Walton1: At the cemetery
jaume zamorano: In between ...
Roberto Rubiliani: Teatro Nazionale Cinema
richardbw9: Lucca 19jun08
andrealinss: paris ...
basma4ru: Belgorod city
gaborski horvath: Jomsom - 2 angels :)
genelabo: NAQ under the sunshade
brandoninidaho1979: it may have been someplace, someplace other than here
Laudom: Tomb of Camoes
juvhadamar: Wiege der Deutschen Demokratie