St/W: Ford F-250 Haights
Thank you for 1 million views: Der Mond 1000mm f8
photobobuk - Robert Jones: National Express Bus West Midlands 4380
photobobuk - Robert Jones: West Midlands Ambulance 5044, YB11 BHK
franzi.eck: Balkan 22/41
Jon Dev: My favourite stairway...
MIWO_2910: Hamburg, Mainstation (pinhole)
Martin Bärtges: A sunny day at the harbor
thin Rich: Blade Runner vibe(thanks László님)
canonmania: The façade of St. Peter’s Basilica is lit up with a video projection depicting the life of St. Peter during “Seguimi” (Follow me)
Jon Dev: Urban sunset above downtown Calgary and the Bow River
Tawny042: South Bank Shadows
Jon Dev: Tilted view: some ventilation ducts revisited
andrealinss: Women!Life!Freedom!
Barragon: Valpaços
Barragon: Valpaços
Barragon: Macedo de Cavaleiros
thin Rich: 当落の裏面
Mr Cusack: October Sunrise...
G.K.Jnr.: Chish And Fips (1)-03690ip
antocalv: 2022-10-05_04-30-07
ofarrowjulia: View from the bridge
edk7: Pigeon chasing, British Museum, London WC1
thin Rich: 脱告できなかった伝説
JoeGarity: Post Street
junakreiter: Pentax30s_19
jamica1: Musical theme