Jorge Daniel Segura - On/Off: At the doctor's office
MizMagee: Dragon wings and magical things
MizMagee: Pole and hinge
mzwarthoed: from the series: "Fields of Joy"
Elisabeth patchwork: glowing glass
Leonie Polah: _MG_1541b.rtif
mzwarthoed: from the series: "Fields of Joy"
Rantz: #ILoveWhereILive 19 Nov 2019
EmArt baudry: Cristalline - Crystalline
P3T3R YORK3: Lego rock
gibelgraphics: City Crash
XoMEoX: Lines
andrewryder: Tata Hall
bonhiver69: you are invited
Julie Rutherford1 ( off/on ): When words fall over themselves..
missedadeadline: dream days 2
oxyrhynchos - OLOliuqui: abstract ink doodles
Giacomo_Galli: The Spire #2
JGF015: lithiHØJBTMX0111expo