BitchyBaubles: The world is her oyster...
BitchyBaubles: "I'm gonna work at the artificial flower plant plant!"
poly-ester: holey cow .. toy sunday group
Sarah Darwin: Shell Mirror
Sarah Darwin: 1960s squirrel ornament
Princesskitschy: DSC_5773
Princesskitschy: DSC_3604
poly-ester: making birds beter
poly-ester: chocolate for toy sunday group , they were tasty honeycomb covered rabbit treats..
Princesskitschy: _DSC8269
Princesskitschy: _DSC8287
Princesskitschy: 20131224_145558
Brentments: I Wish The Phone Would Ring. (Expose') 4/16/2014
Brentments: Sunshine
cybermelli: bear couple!
vintagedolls: Gerber babies
poly-ester: SpAaaaceee deEerrr
Agent 137: Laughing Baby
Agent 137: Crying Baby
Agent 137: Toothless Baby
Agent 137: Vintage Dapper Lion
Agent 137: Vintage Hula Girl Doll
Agent 137: High Heels Squeaky Doll
poly-ester: brave stupid barry
raining rita: Color Your Birthday Happy