Rural Warrior Photography: don't listen to me
Rural Warrior Photography: wear and tear Monochrome, Architecture, The Forbidden Zone, Nicosia, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Rural Warrior Photography: the desert inn redux
Rural Warrior Photography: diamond in the rough
COOLS Anthony: Hello darkness my old friend
COOLS Anthony: decomposition
boxerrod: downtown shadow posted
Craig Hannah: The Day The Music Died
jourbexia: restaurant AM01 #24
mju.tabor: vandalism
mju.tabor: abandon all consumption
COOLS Anthony: the devil inside
COOLS Anthony: dust in the wind Monochrome, Soviet Architecture, Voronezh, Russia.
Rural Warrior Photography: the learning curve Monochrome, Abandoned Architecture, The Sanctuary Of Apollo Hylates, British Overseas Territory, Cyprus.
COOLS Anthony: sweet candy
COOLS Anthony: cradle of filth
mju.tabor: a ruin by design
COOLS Anthony: under pressure
COOLS Anthony: elevation Monochrome, Abandoned Greek Orthodox Church, Mehmetcik, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
COOLS Anthony: dust in the wind
Black First: Schauburg
Johnny Silvercloud: Strong Female Leads