Rolie.K: Distanced
Pablo S.O.: Brandomil
Ozlem Acaroglu( take me to the rivers ... ( Explore / August 12, 2020 )
Ozlem Acaroglu( Historical Kırkharman Church ruins, daytime long exposure, Giresun, Turkey
Adnan Salekin Saif: Emerald Lake
andy_ashby: Thwaite Mill, Stourton Leeds
andy_ashby: Aire Canal Walk Way, Leeds
Ozlem Acaroglu( All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us...
Alan E Taylor: Waterfall amongst the ruins
Ozlem Acaroglu( Only you know I'm beyond the surface ....
silvcurl009: Enlightenment in the Depths of Tranquility
"A.S.A.": Hugill Force IR
小川 Ogawasan: After the Storm
Alan E Taylor: Atcham Bridge
Ozlem Acaroglu( return to the blue lake...
Ivan Mæland: Norwegian costal landscape
Ozlem Acaroglu( Y oU K nOw I'll N evE r B e w H a T y O U W a N t eD
silvcurl009: Botallack Mines # Explore
Paulemans: Tasmantoren
andy_ashby: Humber Bridge_reeds
Oliver Matyo: Scheveningen NL
robdando: Foggintor Quarry (Princetown)
Ozlem Acaroglu( loneliness at the Giresun....
Dominic Scott Photography: Kapiti Sunset - New Zealand
simpletones: Damaged