Donna@lifeinfocus: Woodpecker
grahamwilletts: Balmoral
parmrussrap: Loggerhead Shrike On A Windy Day
Jeff Lack Wildlife&Nature: DSC6532 Wood Sandpiper..
jack cottone: DSC_2339 Great Blue Heron flying into the setting sun @ Centerport
JohnMorrisonphotos: Halloween colour display
annibaix: Flamands juveniles
HemiDj7: Sheet
David C Mishalof: Brown Pelican in flight
David C Mishalof: Black crowned heron has an other turtle
dominique.labadens: Cormoran qui pèche - Cormorant fishing
silure130: Short Eared Owl
michafink: Blässgänse - White-fronted Goose
David Savile: R5-4966
David Savile: R5-4967
David Savile: R5-4973
stevesmythe: IMG_9866
Céanndhubahn: Drinking In The Morning Sun
scandan780: Blue Jay
michafink: Kestrel backlit
nitinpatel2: 1S0A0573
stanlupo (Thanks for 5,000,000 views): Eastern Bluebird I 10_11_21
pecky2013: Great spotted Woodpecker.
Kremlken: Cape May Warbler (Setophaga tigrina)
2 in the bush.: Another Robin!
lukaszW75: 390A2763