oshcan: Coyote
thorrisig: Short-eared owl / Brandugla (Asio flammeus)
Tim&Elisa: Múlafossur waterfall
B℮n: Pavlova Strana in Montenegro is a FIVE STAR viewpoint
Timo Airaksinen: Great spotted woodpecker
cotswoldman: Light on the Quiraing (Explored 10.10.21)
Arthur Anker: Just a cute dog in a Cambodian village
DTT67: Sunset Stroll
Gomen S: Feeding Bryde's Whale
Daniel J. Field: Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), Jalisco, Mexico
timopfahl: Matterhorn sunset
Kip Loades: With the deer
Kevin Povenz: The pine tree....
david.hogan7: Just chilling
wn_j: Red-tailed Hawk
David Verbossche: Osprey at Wedge Island
Martin Bärtges: A sunny day at the North Sea
tomblandford: South End Of A Northbound Porcupine
Vince Capp: Green Tree Frog- Conner Preserve
Yowyi: L1182325
411 Operator: Leaves as art
Johann 50: IMG_5081b
Johann 50: IMG_7164b
wn_j: Red-tailed Hawk
crispiks: White browed babbler
leskogabor: Naplemente után (reddeer)