AlexKrasn: Red-green
AlexKrasn: Crimson wild rosemary
AlexKrasn: Victims of fire
AlexKrasn: August gold
place bel-air: Unique necklace handmade with Africans symbols.
AlexKrasn: Yellow-green
AlexKrasn: Pink july
AlexKrasn: Forest lake
AlexKrasn: Daisies hid
AlexKrasn: Swamp colors
place bel-air: Adinkra
AlexKrasn: Early July
AlexKrasn: Birch beetle
place bel-air: 20201113_145854
AlexKrasn: And they grow on rocks...
place bel-air: Work in process
place bel-air: The Dreaming, 20.000 years ago
place bel-air: Walk on the line
Ron Fisher: D25384. VR postbox, Kidderminster.
place bel-air: 20201013_105800
Ron Fisher: RD23937. High Wycombe.
Ron Fisher: RD23936. High Wycombe.
Ron Fisher: RD23935. High Wycombe.
Ron Fisher: RD23934. High Wycombe.
Ron Fisher: D25347x(vid). The Ranges 2.
AlexKrasn: Pine shadows
AlexKrasn: Palm Saturday
place bel-air: 20201027_131040
place bel-air: Adinkra
place bel-air: The Dreaming, 20.000 years ago