aleks2019: Hungry ducks
John Brighenti: Egret in the Grass Wasserfall im Lautertal mit Ast - lange Belichtung in schwarz-weiß \ Waterfall in Lautertal with branch - long exposure in black and white
henningpietsch: Tree 2019_01
Todd Evans: The Little Store
joomjim: Leopard
Frantisek Brablc: Christen A-1 Husky ( OK - USK )
montusurf: Lady of the Lake
Frantisek Brablc: Christen A-1 Husky ( OK - USK )
tarox1234: hagi-tunnel 190921-2@mukoujimahyakkaen
tarox1234: sumo 190914-2@ryogoku
Noel Feans: Baiona
BisonAlex: Jazz no Problem
alsd076: Bern
flyingfoto's: fields and property lines
ChR!s H@rR!0t: Bicheno Sunset, Tasmania
aykutgebes: Historical Elevator - İzmir
namhdyk: September Sky
David G. Hoffman: 024641a Rainy Days And Mondays
Ze_Rock: Do you feel lucky, Punk?
Nelson Wong Wildlife: Black-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus atriceps) 黑頭鵯
TVZ Photography: Eyes Down To Your Nose
Th.Duerr: Face to Face
buddhadog: A Close Up and Encircled Spider on the Outside of the Window in the SBI Mailroom -:- 7503
JMS2: Happy Bench Monday!