10_Days CONTRA: DSC05720
Costel Photography: 2019-08-23_12-40-38
wrjenkyn: Razor
wrjenkyn: LionSteel
srjarratt: Boat Reflection
leo.roos: X1000r/min
h_tomo: M5_01720
colinball2: Robin
canalesjacinto58: walking towards vitoria
Ed Dear Fotografi: DY Big Swell 30-08-43
Ralph van Katwijk: Have a nice weekend
Mattia Ferraboli: Struggling
p.mathias: St John The Baptist, Okewood
ridomir: European Skyscrapers district at dawn. İstanbul,Turkey 🇹🇷
ridomir: European Skyscrapers district at sunrise. İstanbul,Turkey 🇹🇷
p.mathias: St Leonard's Church, Hartley Mauditt
◄TWIZ►: oystercatcher
kendoman26: Cloud Building
znamenshchikov: Almaty car traffic
casirfm: 2019_084
quietpurplehaze07: by the fence
justin_crny24: This is probably one of my new favorite shots. It’s undoubtably satisfying in its minimalistic approach. Had a touch a color but not enough to take a way from the scene itself. Not to mention it’s like my favorite thing to shoot. Enjoy.
Chemose: Spectacular valley
Philadelphia Colins: Pentacon 135mm f/2.8
Matt H. Imaging: On the lookout
Robbi Metz: Mondlicht
colin.mair: Hiding in yellow - (Jupiter 9, 85mm, f2.8) - 2019-07-18th
碩碩 gji4: 柯基坐飛機|A Corgi on the plane