jeremy.price: Huron Mist
terryballard: A day at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum
julied51: Take off
Pete Cartwright: River Lin,
rebecca bowater nature photographer: Black Swan with Cygnets
Nata_lia_2022: Whooper swan
A.van Lomwel: mute swan in the morning light
SYaks: DSC_9137.JPG
jeffjarvis34: Majestic
SYaks: DSC_0685.JPG
Halloween HJB: Liebig Company's Fleisch-Extract, Trade Card, Opernszenen, Wagner, Nr. 3, Lohengrin (Lohengrin's Ankunft), 1889.
jack cottone: 2802 Two Mute Swan Cygnets in the pond side of the Connetquot River.
mcginley2012: Feeding the Swans at Claddagh
mayekarulhas: Mute swans
gswengler: DSC_8958-B
SYaks: DSC_0067.JPG
en tee gee: Fountain Swans
Loic Joly: Gangsta Swan in Norway cold sea water
Nata_lia_2022: Whooper swan family
gswengler: DSC_9080-B
Highlandscape: A 'Hearty' Meal
mayekarulhas: Mute Swan
SYaks: DSC_0491
Loic Joly: In Oslo morning
David Savile: 20201228-20DS7027-PAI-s
Bernard Fabbro: cygne tuberculé / mute swan 23M_6426
_ SZS _: Gracious
_ SZS _: Photobomb