sweirsweir: Aired out by sabre and hung up to dry
jean sept: Oh Censorship! Up Yours!
Paul Austin Murphy: Bizarre Christmas Tree in Mist, on an Isolated Lancashire Moor
sirhowardlee: strange sky background
Paul Austin Murphy: Blue Lichen
sweirsweir: Fish on the Couch
sweirsweir: Another one (or 3) bites the dust. Spooky lawn goblins are bleed out and their power packs and blowers stolen. Windsor, Ontario
gsikich1: CameraStract
Zuateg Photography: Station by the Frog Lake
Zuateg Photography: Cemetery Custodians from the Minho River
Dave Whatt: Black Dots. No. 10. 2022.
Zuateg Photography: The Reveries Side of the Counter
sweirsweir: Windsor is car town
sweirsweir: Iceland Chic?
Zuateg Photography: Albino Angel
Zuateg Photography: The Capybaras New Redidence
Zuateg Photography: The Night 1,002 of Scheherazade
Zuateg Photography: workroom of a paparazzo
Zuateg Photography: A Very Pleasant Street
Studio d'Xavier: Boney anxiously awaits Benito's Introduction
Zuateg Photography: A Grave Little Man
gsikich1: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Headache
Studio d'Xavier: The Attack of Jupiter, Cow Assassin
Dave Whatt: Lino Print. 2021.